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Thursday, September 13, 2007

So what's Chris been up to in the last year....

As many of you know, our friend Chris Rourke has been in Ethiopia for almost a year. He will send us updates periodically and send pictures. We received an email this week saying that he will be back home in October. He also sent along links to two articles that have been written about the work they are doing over there. Here's the first. Chris is quoted in this article. (sidenote: Chris said "There are a couple of things wrong with the article, but it does talk a lot about what we are doing here.") And here's the second. In the photo, Chris is the solider on the right.

Here are just a couple of pictures he has sent us over the last year. The last one is from the trip he and Amy took to New Zealand.

Dean and I can't wait to have Chris home safe and sound and to hear all about his adventures in Ethiopia. Safe travels Chris!!

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