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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"New heights of geekdom"

Greg, probably my oldest friend (the one who knew me even before "back when"), sent me an email with the subject "New heights of geekdom" and linked to two great sites. The first was PodBrix, a website featuring Lego-style figures of the iPod commercial characters (you know, the silhouettes with the white iPod and headphones). Interesting website -- if I had an iPod, I'd love to have an iPod guy to hand on the string to the earbuds (although there are none in stock on the website).

The other site I actually enjoyed even more, and this one truly appeals to the geek in me. Indexed is a blog that uses graphs to make commentary -- surprising humorous and pointed -- while making me remember how to read a graph. (I like her Weekly World News one, and her dodgeball graph.) Check it out...

[Update: The 5x7 graphs are really funny, especially We're All Going to Hell.]

[Update2: OK ... just had to add this one too...]



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