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Friday, March 16, 2007

Master bedroom and bath

I don't think we've posted pictures of the finished bedroom and bathroom paint jobs. We pulled our colors for the bedroom and bath from the bedspread. Looking at the bedspread, we thought they'd be more blue, but they have more green in them than we imagined. We painted the walls of the bedroom from one of the stripes, then the tray ceiling in the bedroom from another. The bathroom color is also from the bedspread.

You can kind of see the colors in this picture, getting the bedspread, the tray and the walls. The walls actually match the throw pillows exactly.

This is the Charlesto-style border that was in the bathroom that we had to take down. Ugh ... wallpaper!

This is the first coat of the bathroom paint, but you can see the color better in this picture than the other one I took. You can also see some of the old blue in contrast. We're really happy with how all the paint turned out. Pretty soon Jeni's going to make me get to the baseboards. I keep holding out ... maybe spring will come and we can garden for a while and I can put it off longer.

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