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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everything in the internet is connected

So this is my proof that everything in the internet is connected. This morning, in a brief moment between patients I took a minute to check a few blogs I enjoy but haven't been to lately. First, I went to the Dog Eat Doug blog (from the artist who does the Dog Eat Doug comic). He had a link to an artist he enjoyed, and whose style reminded me somewhat of my cousin Kerry. I viewed some of his pictures, liked it, and moved on. I then went to Neil Gaiman's Journal (on of my favorites). He wrote about a book he enjoyed, then mentioned his favorite book of the year so far, The Pinhoe Egg. Out of curiosity, I do a Blingo search for the book, and go to Amazon to look at it. The cover of the book is by the artist that was linked to from Dog Eat Doug. And the circle is complete...

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