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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Evan's new room

We went to Atlanta this weekend to visit Nikki and Todd. Evan had his first big-boy sleepover Saturday night, including a trip to the circus and a birthday party at Pump It Up. With Evan out of the house, Jeni, Tiffany and I helped Nikki and Todd move Evan into a bigger room and makeover his room into Preppy Guy Plaid.

Evan was thrilled with his new space.
Sorry about the dark pictures... Jeni managed to hang Todd's old Cincinnati Red's bat over the door (if I had hung it, someone would be getting a concussion) and I helped hang the cool shelves on the wall.
Rooms To Go delivered Evan's new dresser right on time as the room was coming together and the space was open. Now Evan has twice as many drawers. He checked his old dresser when he got home and wanted to change clothes and came downstairs to tell Nikki he didn't have any socks or underwear. He's such a good boy...
The blue panel curtains were an ordeal, but we found them at Target number three right before Target closed Saturday night. It was a full day. We started the room first thing, then took a break for a trek to Ikea, then two Targets (the other Target was Friday night), and then home to finish the projects. But it was worth all the effort because the room looks great and Evan was so excited. My favorite quote was from Evan as he came up the stairs. Lizzy the dog was in his way, blocking him from his room, and five-year-old Evan said, "Lizzy, I'm gonna kick your ass." Don't mess with Evan.



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