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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Update on Nathan

Dean and I were able to talk to Rick and Hannah last night and find out how Nathan is doing. It sounds like he is going to have a tough road ahead of him, but he has a lot of people pulling for him. Rick said one of the biggest obstacles is an infection has developed in his bone marrow. Hopefully they will be able to find an antibiotic to fight the infection, or Nathan will have to either be on antibiotics the rest of his life or lose his leg.

This is an email update from Hannah's dad.

"Nathan is healing. He does better each day. Yesterday his PT got him out of bed and into a chair for the first time. He sat there for about an hour before being helped back into bed. He was completely worn out from the ordeal. Today they got him up on a walker and he walked to the door from the bed (12 feet) and back. It took him about three hours to recuperate from that. Tomorrow (10-04-05) he will have a major surgery - they will graft a part of one of his calf muscles to the front of his leg to cover the exposed bones. If this remains viable they will set the leg and put on an external fixation device they call a halo in about a week. With that he should be able to begin bearing weight on his right leg and become more mobile. They took the stitches out of his face two days ago, the ones in his side, elbow, and thigh they will take out next week. Most of the bruising is gone, still some in his legs. Mentally he was doing better each day until today. Jennifer, his fiancee, left to go back to Paducah today - that made it a sad day for him today.

Sgt. Clark is doing much better. When you all prayed for him the Lord just happened to cause the right nurse to happen into his room at the right time and moved with compassion for this injured soldier she literally took control and turned everything around for him in one morning! Sounds like a God thing doesn't it? She recognized what had happened with the pain control they were using. Somehow a catheter had moved enough out of place to cease to be effective. She had seen this before. Evidently this was relatively rare because the nurses he had had, had not. She was great. Sgt. Clark's mom and sister also showed up last Thursday and visited till today. I think it helped to have someone here from home for a few days. Sgt. Clarke will have his final surgery tomorrow and could possibly be released to care near his home in Bowling Green within the next 7-10 days.

Both young men were awarded their Purple Hearts today in bedside ceremonies by CSM Gipe of the National Guard. This was Sgt. Clarks second.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes for both of them. Please continue to stand against the weird bacteria Nathan brought back from Iraq and had cultured in two of his wounds. That is the only hindrance to his complete healing from his surgery tomorrow and then his last one the week following.

Thanking you very sincerely
Don & Audrey"


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