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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Update from Hannah

Hannah sent us an update on her brother, Nathan.

"Hi everyone! I just want to update you. Thank you so much for your prayers...I know they are working because Nathan improves everyday. He had surgery on his leg again yesterday and while they were in there they took out his chest tube and took him off oxygen. He was moved to the ortho ward today which is much nicer. He had a really rough night last night, and they found infection in a wound on his upper leg that they don't want to move to his exposed bone down below. He has a surgery scheduled for Friday and then on Tuesday another to take muscle from the back of his leg to cover the front, and skin from his thigh to cover that. Many more surgeries may be required after that. Please pray that they can control the infection and still for his pain.

I have to say that the Army takes care of its own. Everything that my parents and I need is covered by them. Travel, food, lodging, etc. is all covered. I have arranged to go home on Friday. I hate to leave, but I miss my family. My mom and dad are staying through the beginning of next week to attend Sgt. Allers wake, who is being buried here in Arlington. Mom will then stay approx. a month or so with Nathan.

Please also pray for Sgt. Bradley, Nathans new roomate. He is 25 yrs old, and lost both legs in Iraq. He has a wife and kids. He had surgery today and seemed to be in incredible pain. There are so many soldiers here with missing legs. Everywhere you turn. We are very fortunate that Nathan did not lose his. from a description of the blast (possible anti-tank mine) he should have. We can thank God for that!!! There's just no other explanation!

We love all of you and again, thank you so much!!



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