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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hey, 98.6, it's good to see you back again

For most of Thursday, I was feeling very peaked and weak, with a waning appetite and losing energy as the day went on. Jeni was over at Dr. Jones' house doing their final "Cooking with the Kids" day and Dr. Jones had just learned that his mother was going to need quadruple bypass surgery on Friday. So I decided to power through the end of the day, which fortunately was not as busy as some Thursday's can be. Once I got to Dr. Jones' house, I skipped dinner, laid down on a bed and crashed. I was pretty loopy. Later that night, about 1:45, I woke and had a 103.8 temperature. At 3:00, it was 103.9 and I woke Jeni and she went to the Circle K and got me Tylenol and Gatorade. I managed to sweat completely through my clothes, the sheets, my pillow, you name it, it was wet. This went on, temperature rollercoastering up and down, all day yesterday. I finally managed to eat some -- Burger King might not have been the best idea, but it sound good at the time. Now, I'm sticking with broth and chicken noodle and crackers, plus pleanty of Gatorade. This morning, my temperature was 98.7. Hopefully things are settling down. At least I have some energy again and I don't feel woozy or faint.


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