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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Atlanta crocodile

Our friend's little boy was over at his grandmother's house (Mimi's house) when he called her with desperate urgency ... "Mimi! Help!" She rushes over and asks, "Evan, what's the matter?" and Evan responds, "Mimi, a crocodile!"

Mimi looks and says, "No, Evan, that's not a crocodile, that's a lizard." (You see, Evan had never seen a "lizard" before, so all he could relate to was a crocodile ... smart, huh?)

Later that day, Mimi and Evan were at the dry cleaners when Mimi said to Evan, "Evan, tell them about the crocodile."

Always on top of things, Evan replied, "No, Mimi, that wasn't a crocodile, it was a lizard!"


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