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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the short line at Kroger

We were up late, so we decided we'd just go ahead and pick up the new Harry Potter book tonight. There is a Books-A-Million close to us, but we also noticed that a little further down the road, Kroger would have the book available at midnight, too. So we cruised past Books-A-Million and they were packed. I've never seen so many cars in their parking lot! So we decided to chance it at Kroger. When we got there, the parking lot was essentially barren. We enter and the line is maybe 20 people deep at 11:55. When it hits midnight, we walk through, head to the automatic checkout (forget to pay for our Sierra Mist, check out again) and we were home by 12:20. On our way past Books-A-Million, the lot was still full. The extra two miles down the road was definitely worth it.

Talking to the man behind us in line, he commented that he's lucky that the book came out when it did because his anniversary is in two days. So which anniversary is it that you give Harry Potter?


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