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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tiff and the art of motorcycle maintenance

When my friend Tiffany was here a couple of weekends ago, she told Dean and I how she would like to buy a motorcycle, but first she would have take some classes to learn how to ride one. Then she would have to buy one before she could take her driver's test because you have to use your own motorcycle. She just sent me an email telling me about her Easter and now she's even more pumped about taking the lessons and gettin' a hog. Her mom gave her some toy motorcycles and in the bottom of her Easter basket was a hat signed by the Orange County Choppers guys (the threeTeutals--American Chopper TV show). A friend of Katie's (Tiff's mom) went to Daytona bike week. Her daughter was horseback riding in Ocala, FL and while the daughter was at the show, she took off to bike week to get some stuff. She said all the OCC guys were really nice when she got the hat autographed. She is a huge fan like Tiff. If Tiff sends a picture of the hat, I'll post it.


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