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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What the world eats

I saw this today and thought it was so interesting. I didn't want this link to get lost in the flood of the Facebook feed. This is a collection of photos of what people around the world eat in one week, by country. It really is fascinating.

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Dumping my thoughts on my blog

Sometimes you just have to get thoughts out of your head on onto paper (or blog) so they stop occupying your mind. Kind of like hammering out a quick, poorly thought out letter to the editor, only to let it fester and collect dust before throwing it away -- you get the words down, the thoughts get put somewhere else, so you can focus on the good again. Few (if any) read this blog anymore, other than me, and it has become a dumping ground for things to come back to, random thoughts and links, and the occasional life update.

We just wrapped up The Color Purple. It was an incredible -- for the entire run we sold all but 33 tickets, which is just amazing to consider. As richly rewarding it is to be involved in something so successful and powerful, it is also exhausting. I am at a point of being physically, mentally and emotionally worn out.

On top of The Color Purple, our house is in a state of decreasing disarray as the repairs from the busted master bath water pipe conclude. Tomorrow should (fingers crossed) be the last day that someone is on our house working on things. That means it's just up to us to dust and put stuff back. But at least it is starting to feel like home again. The bathroom looks good with new tile and a new fancy toilet (who knew they made fancy toilets -- it has a water conserving double flush system).

We traveled to Myrtle Beach yesterday to see our friend Hunter in Lend Me a Tenor, which was very well done and entertaining. Myrtle Beach is just at the edge of what a there-and-back-again day trip can be for me.

Jeni isn't feeling great, worn down by stress. My sinuses are acting up, which is about right for this time of year in Columbia, but still just takes it out of me. The problem is, when I get feeling like this, I get thoughts like: "Life is a bully just waiting for you to get comfortable and relaxed and let your guard down so it can sneak up behind you and trip you." Do I really think that? Well, some days. Some days more, some days less. Lately, more. Which is why I'm dumping these thoughts and memories on the blog. So I can free space for positive thoughts, like how the weather is improving and we'll be on our bikes again soon, or how I have free evenings again and I can get to the gym so I can fit in the new pants I got before Christmas, or how we'll be in Atlanta soon to walk with Nikki which means so much that we can do that.

Reality really is just what we decided it to be. Your thoughts reflect your reality, so I'm trying to think positively, but it's hard when you feel beaten down (oops, there I go again). So there you go ... a bunch of random, rambling thoughts about the past few days. Now, onto to better and brighter thoughts.