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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving visit

We made it up to Richmond to visit with Nanny for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful trip, and so nice to see her doing so well. Aside from using a walker, you'd never imagine that she was 92. She still has her wits and her sense of humor, and she is always such a joy to be around.

Mom, Dad and Kelly came down from Cincinnati as well, so we got to see a good bunch of the family. I got to go in a joy ride in Uncle Steven's 911. No -- didn't drive it. But wow! That car really corners like they say.

We've got some pictures that I'll try to upload soon. We got home Saturday evening and Sunday was a pretty lazy day. Between the travel and finishing the play it was just nice to have a down day. The problem with that is now it's crunch time to get the house put back together and get the Christmas decorations up. But it will all happen in good time, as it always does.

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