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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kitchen Sherpa

Jeni has a food blog called Kitchen Sherpa, but it's essentially been on hiatus for the last year. She's been very busy and just hasn't had the moments to get the recipes and pictures together to update. It's a shame because she's had some really good food she's fixed. So what I've started doing for her is transferring over the older recipes from this blog that aren't there. That way all her recipes will be in one place. And there are enough recipes that this will give the other blog some content while Jeni gets organized and can update. So go over and check out the meal choices...


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally cut the yard

After more than a month and way too many excuses (to the point that I wasn't buying my own excuses), I finally got the back yard cut. I had to get up at 7:45 just to get it finished and still I was overwhelmed by the heat by the end, at 9:30. The edging can wait until next week. Vacations, rain, and heat interfered with the grass cutting this past month, but this is also prime "grow like a weed" time for the grass.

It is also "baby birds in the fern" time. There are at least two baby birds in the hanging fern. It is a very wise place for a nest, except that it usually results in a dead fern since we can't water it like we should. Small price to pay, though. We'll try to get some pictures, but momma bird dive-bombed Jeni yesterday when she was checking things out, and Jeni is NOT a bird fan so this was not exciting for her.

Maggie, the smallest cat, had a new trick, which she just did. When I'm on the computer, she likes to put her stink on the tower, and bumps the button to open the CD drawer.

We're off to work on the Willy Wonka set today. The set needs to be done this week, so Jeni and I are going to chip in with our minimally-skilled hands while trying to stay out of the way.

Oh, and ironically, my last post on spam comments got five comments -- four were spam.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Spam comments

It seems I get more spam comments than real comments anymore. Now I don't have the blog because I want comments. (I won't complain about getting your comments...) But the spam comments can be exhausting. I have word verification turned on, but apparently there are people who get paid to sit and post these spam comments. What a mundane life.