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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bonus room stripe

This is a picture of the bonus room over the garage after the final coat of paint and all the tape had been removed, but the furniture is still in the middle of the room. The stripe is "batter bowl green," a Martha Stewart color the Jeni fell in love with years ago and hung on to waiting for the right spot. We went with the brown to pull from the hallway color, but several shades darker, keeping a flow through the house.

To do the stripe, we used the same taping technique we used in the dining room (forgot a step, bled brown paint into the stripe and had to retape...) but it turned out very good. The stripe is 12 inches wide and goes around the entire room. We're thinking of using the green in the laundry room (that you can't see, but the washer and dryer are behind two doors behind me).

To determine the height of the stripe Jeni decided to go from the angle of the ceiling. Since this is a room over the garage, one side has a slight angled ceiling from the roof line. You can also barely see an access door to the storage off this room. We painted that the same wall color so it is less of an eye-sore.

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