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Monday, September 24, 2007


My birthday was on Friday ... we had a nice weekend. Friday I took cookies that Jeni baked in to work for my patients (a big hit!) and had a nice relaxing afternoon with Jeni. Saturday we had Lisa and Brian, Tish, Susan and John, and Bill and Barbara over for dinner. Jeni made gumbo (expect a recipe up soon on Kitchen Sherpa) and we had a nice evening with good company and full bellies. I got several nice gifts, including the movie MirrorMask from Tiffany, gift cards from Lisa and Brian, and Bill and Barbara, and work (all of which are going to go to very good use), and some nice Rainbow flip-flops from Tish, Susan and John. Gracie helped me open gifts and blow out the candles on my cake (posting from work or I'd show the great picture Jeni took of me and Gracie blowing out the candles). I got a nice birthday blog post from Doug, my sister called and had her friends sing happy birthday to me, Rick and Hannah called (they were down in Atlanta from Kentucky -- wish it had been a different weekend and we could have seen them and their great kids), and Mom and Dad sent money and a CD full of old pictures Mom had scanned in from slides (remember slides?). I couldn't ask for more ... the gifts were nice, but the friendships are the true value. The card signed by three-year-old Gracie was a bigger thrill than the gifts that came with it -- thanks to everyone for, well, everything...

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