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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New toolbar

I use Firefox for my web browsing and I had been using the A9 toolbar to accompany my web browser. I liked the bookmark, history and diary features on the toolbar because I could bookmark something at work, then pull it up at home. Or if I was on a website, I could go to my history at home and find it again with little effort. But A9 has stopped supporting the toolbar for whatever reason. So now I'm wondering if I should install another toolbar or if I even really need one since I have the search bar in Firefox with quick searches for everyone from Blingo and Google to ESPN and IMDb. I looked at the Excite Speed Bar since I use Excite for my start page, but the speed bar only works on Internet Explorer. So now I'm looking at the big three ... Yahoo! Toolbar, Ask Toolbar and Google Toolbar. Yahoo! and Ask both have bookmark and history features, which puts them ahead of Google, but again, I have to wonder if it's even necessary. Any feedback is welcome...


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