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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Iraq update

A while back, we had told everyone of the horrible accident our friend Hannah's brother was in over in Iraq. He had been shipped quickly to Walter-Reed Hospital and had undergone several surgeries to save his leg, among other numerous injuries. Well, the leg was hit-or-miss for a while, and Nathan had resolved himself with the fact that he would lose it, but things are looking up. He was able to fly home to Kentucky to spend Christmas with the family and will be returning to Walter-Reed at the end of January. So that's really good news.

On a more distressing side of things, one of the ladies I work with just found out her husband is being shipped out to Iraq at the end of the month to work in a military hospital. He is career military and looking to retire in the next three years, but they had been in one spot too long for the military's likes, so they needed to send him somewhere. I just can't wait until all that mess is over.


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