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Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend update

Dean and I went over to Camden, SC to visit our friends Lisa, Brian, and Gracie. We had an really good time. On Saturday, Lisa and I took Gracie to Lowe's to buy ferns for her front porch and some flowers for pots on the back porch. The bonus to the trip was I saw an area rug, that I had looked at months ago, half off. This was quite a coup, but then I started thinking we couldn't get it in our car to bring it back to Columbia. So I didn't get it. We had a really good dinner, if I say so myself. (I'll post the recipes later on.) Then on to a couple of games of Scene It! Since we are all movie lovers, it was a lot fun.

On Sunday, we decided to go back to Lowe's and buy lattice to go around Lisa and Brian's deck and storage building. After deciding we couldn't pass up the area rug, whether or not we could get it back to Columbia in our car, we were going to get it.

So the afternoon was spend putting up lattice and planting flowers. Everything turned out nice, and to cap off the day we played another game of Scene It! Dean and I were able to get the rug in the car using the backseat pass-through.


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