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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


When we were over at Lisa and Brian's this weekend, Gracie showed us her first cheer. Lisa would say "What do we want?!?" And Gracie would put both arms in the air, grin from ear to ear, and say "TOUCHDOWN!" Pretty good for a 15 month old.

For those of you that need a little background to this story--
Lisa was a cheerleader from the time she could hold a pompon, and 14 years after graduating from Graham High School she can still sing the school fight song and do the dance, kicks and all. Now she may be sore the next morning, but she and Nikki both can do it. (Honestly this is one of my favorite party tricks that they do.)
In addition to Lisa being a cheerleader, Rusty (Lisa's dad) played college football at VaTech and was one hell of a player. He still goes to most all of the games and he also still attends most Graham High's football games. And the icing on the cake, Brian (Gracie's dad) is a devout Clemson football fan and has season tickets to the games. So it is only natural that Gracie has already started learning her cheers for the games.


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