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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Old games revisited

I was thinking about the old Conan game I used to play on my 9 inch green monochrome monitor on the old Apple IIc back in fifth and sixth grades (1984-ish) and decided to see if I could find an old screen shot just to bring back the memories. I did better. I found a site that links to an Apple II emulator and links to some game downloads. On top of Conan, he also links to Rescue Raiders, where you are sending troops to defeat a fortress, and can get a helicopter to defend your troops ... still a little foggy on this one, does the cheat code ZIPPY bring back memories? It brought it all back for me. I haven;t taken the energy to download any of these, but I might down the road.

I also enjoyed his Rubik's puzzle page. He's looking for the Rubik's barrel. (Should I tell him it's probably still in my old night stand unless Kelly has taken it?) I remember Doug had the Missing Link and the Magic. The barrel was an easier puzzle and I really enjoyed having one I could solve as Doug showed off with the Rubik's Cube. All I could do was spell OHIO on it. (Although I think this guy's wrong about it being a "Rubik's" product ... but what do I know?) Also, remember the Rubik's Snake?


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