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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My daily online routine

I have a few website that I go to each day at work. Firefox has an add-on called Morning Coffee that I highly recommend. It keeps up with the sites you visit on particular days and each day you load your morning coffee and it opens all your tabs for you.

Groupon and Living Social are daily tabs that I check because you never know when you might stumble across a great deal. I also check Indexed every weekday.

xkcd updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Monday, I also read The Chapel Chronicles, a webcomic written and drawn by a teenage girl. It has such wit and humor. Her talent is remarkable. Also on Monday, I go to the Richland County Freegal website for my three free songs each week. The library is contracted with Sony and you can download three songs a week with your library card. That turns out to be 15 free cds worth of music a year.

Tuesday is an odd day. Some of the sites that update weekly are loaded on Tuesday because it is a slower day at work. That is when I check on Axe Cop, The Guild, The Conjurers, and The Zombie Years.

Friday is Bearmageddon day, a webcomic done by the artist who draws Axe Cop. Nothing like ending the week with mutant bears rebelling against mankind.

My breakfast reading includes the following comics: Overboard, Non Sequitur, Dog Eat Doug, Lio, Mutts, and Simon's Cat, (and Foxtrot on Sundays).

It's all about starting your day off right. I used to have a bookmark folder with each site in it that I would load each day, but the Morning Coffee add-on does make it much easier. Now if I only drank coffee...

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