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Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the blink of an eye

And poof, just like that, it's November 12 ... Jeni's play is into it's second week and for the most part the "producer" part of the play is done for the time being, but that doesn't mean Jeni's not busy at it. She always finds something to keep her going. Yesterday was one of the crew's birthday, so we were up celebrating before the show, then watched the first scene before heading home to work on some promotional mini-flyers to take around today at lunch. Always staying on the go.

Same Time, Next Year opening night
The cast and crew of Same Time, Next Year ... with a two actor show, it's easy to get everyone in one picture. In the back are Chip (George) and Vicky (Doris), and sitting in front, from left, Pam (Producer), Frank (Stage Manager and yesterday's birthday boy), Jocelyn (Director) and, or course, Jeni (Producer).

We had a 50th birthday party for Barbara before she left for Japan with her mother for two weeks.

Yummy chocolate cake
Jeni made this amazing chocolate cake, and her classic coconut cake, both of which were great that night, but better as breakfast the next two mornings.

Office window treatment
We also hung the window treatment that Mom made for us just before the party. It looks really good and is a nice touch on the office. I have absolutely no vision for fabrics or curtains and leave this all up to Jeni's eye and Mom's sewing machine. But it makes such a difference to have something hanging over the windows.

We also hung curtains in the dining room. We've been struggling to decide how to do it, and decided to just go with some curtains from Target for the time being, basically to have something for Barbara's party and then once we decided, we'd put the "right" ones up. But as it turns out, we bought the "right" ones the first time. It seems we were looking for the wrong thing the whole time, and when we bought the ones from Target (love Target), it worked out. Who knew?

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, so get your lucky whatever's out ...

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