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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Home for a few days now

We got home a few days ago (Wednesday) after a long long drive back up from Gulf Shores to Columbia. My Mom and Dad, and Kelly, came in from an overnight in Clemson and stayed Friday before heading back up the road this morning for the drive to Cincinnati. We had a very nice Christmas visiting with all of Jeni's family and with my parents and sister. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts ... Don and Sue added to our collection of Gail Pittman plates (Jeni would know for sure, and will inform me when she reads this, but I think it brings our dinner plates to a complete 10 now) and for the phones (spliced the old power cord together enough times thanks to sharp cat teeth that it was well passed time for a new set of phones), Jackie and Chris gave us some great cutting boards and Superbad (which we meant to watch tonight but the night has gotten away from us), Doug and Cathy got us some really cool kitchen knives (kitchen theme this year, everyone seems to know the way to Jeni's heart), a cat treat cookbook, and a really cool cat toy, and my parents gave us money which transformed into a new digital camera. We also got a book collecting cat short stories that I am printed in, all the Office DVDs and seasons three and four of Monk, (and a bunch of other stuff ... I could go on and on) ... so we have a lot to keep us busy. Tiffany comes in Sunday morning for New Year's, and maybe Chris. I'm starting to ramble on because it's late and I haven't posted in a few days and a lot has gone on that I could ramble on about, but won't, but just wanted to let everyone know we are home, had a great Christmas, all is good and we're looking forward to a great start to the new year.



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