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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas dinner

We had our office Christmas dinner at a Japanese steakhouse last night. Every year we go to the same place, it's a family tradition with my boss because that's where his father liked to go and with his father passed away I think it is a sentimental decision on their part. But I also think it's just a little nuts. I always feel rushed in and out by the restaurant because we go on a Friday night. It's so loud that you can hardly talk to the people sitting at your own table, much less to any co-workers anywhere else (heaven forbid you get up and try to talk to someone ... they look at you like you're in the way). And for what my boss spent on just a few of us, Jeni could have cooked for the entire staff (not that I want to put Jeni through all that again ... ). I just leave with the same mixed emotions every year. It's nice to see the families out and dressed up, but you're so isolated and herded through that it just lacks the feel of a true gathering. But I did get a decent meal...

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