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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nerd Herd

I really respect when TV shows actually build the web sites that are part of their shows. Last night on Chuck there was a very subtle web address for the Nerd Herd at their help desk. It was scanned by so fast that I actually had to back it up to see the actual address, but I checked today and Nerd Herd Help is an actual web site. So kudos to NBC and Chuck, which is quickly becoming my favorite hour-long show.

OK, while talking about the new season, let me just say, without a rant, that I think Desperate Housewives is a desperate show and it shows. Also, Grey's Anatomy is looking pretty weak, too. Are they doctors or high schoolers? Like Jeni said the other night, I can't believe how disappointed I am that Lost isn't coming back until the spring. I thought there'd be other returning shows to keep me entertained until then.



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