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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Radio contest winner

This morning, Jeni was driving in to work with me because she needed the car, and we were listening to her country radio station. The morning program was asking their "impossible question" of the day. The question: In Ohio, it is illegal to mix this with alcohol (or put this in alcohol ... I can't remember exactly). My first thought was "sex" -- of course -- but then I started to listen to people's guesses ... oil ("no, it's not a liquid"), a sock ("no, but it would get stinky if you left it"), a shoe ("no, it's an animate object") ... at this point, it occurred to us. A fish! So Jeni dialed and as soon as it rang, she handed it to me -- thanks -- and we were right. So I was on the radio andwering a silly radio morning show question. Of course it was going to drive me nuts if I didn't call, thinking I was right but not knowing.

Oh, what did I win, you ask? I won ... wait for it ... four FREE extra value meals from McDonald's. Yeah, you heard right. You can be jealous all you want (and you know you are), but we're not sharing! Now, where did I put my goldfish martini?


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