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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympian disqualified by a hair

This morning we were watching the Today Show and they interviewed Skeleton Olympian Zach Lund who was disqualified for using a hair enhancement product which can be used to mask steroid use -- even though the arbitration panel said he didn't cheat. The sad thing is he has reported it for the past six years, and had checked the list of banned substances the past five years, but the substance was just added this year, and in preparation for the Olympics, he overlooked this substance. Ironically, I was just reading on Summer Olympian Scott Goldblatt's blog about the same issue and the fact that he had to give up Propecia for this same reason. If you ask me, Propecia should give Lund a sponsorship (even though if you saw him, I'm not sure it was even working...)


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