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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sometimes the government surprises you

Every once in a while, the government actually surprises you and says something that makes so much sense that you can only hope and pray that the people have not become so jaded that they can actually hear the message. There is a billboard near our apartment that reads "Sometimes the best medicine is no medicine at all." This is an awareness campaign by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control to make people more aware of the overuse of antibiotics. And while I do not agree with exactly everything the website says, the overall message and objective is sound and worth sharing. Their objectives: To decrease inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics for viral infections; and To help parents understand that antibiotics are not always indicated for respiratory illness and that they should discuss alternative treatment options with their healthcare provider. Let's hope the message does not fall on deaf ears. (OK, full disclosure ... the alternative treatment options link is my influence, not theirs.)


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