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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nepal shut down

When I read the news this morning of Nepal's King Gyanendra shutting down the government and declaring an infinite state of emergency, I was very saddened. I was very fortunate to have traveled to Nepal in the summer of 2001 as one of 33 chiropractors on a mission trip. We set up free clinics and provided chiropractic care to thousands of patients during the brief three weeks we were there. But more important than the experience of caring for these patience was the impact these kind-hearted people had on our lives. They touched us each as individuals. After each adjusting day, we would gather as a group and discuss our experiences in a very open and emotional session. Each and every one of us was touched in some deeply personal way by these people. The people of Nepal are very kind, very open, and incredibly spiritual. Generally speaking, this is a loving, peaceful country that has been the object of much strife and anger. I can only hope that peace returns soon.


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