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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What a meal

My boss and his fiance came over for dinner tonight and Jeni fixed an amazing meal. It was a challenge initially to find good things to eat, because they are in a low-card, South Beach mode right now and as Jeni looked into what she could and could not fix, she had to scrap her original dinner plans. In the end, she pulled some great ideas and tweaked some things from The Food Network and Rachael Ray.

Jeni fixed a chicken breast with pecans with a gorgonzola sauce, baby carrots, fried spinach, sauteed mushrooms, an amazing salad, a baked brie appetizer and a ricotta cheesecake. (I'll let her edit in the links to recipes and add in the fine details of the meal that make this lame list sound as delicious as it really was.)

It was a very nice night, and they really enjoyed themselves. We had been to my boss's house for dinner a while back, and they had us out to dinner once before so it was nice to be able to have them over and to fix something that they truly enjoyed. (They cleaned their plates ... no leftovers...)


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