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Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas tree adventure

In preparation for going out of town this last weekend, we decided to move the Christmas tree into the closet so that the kittens would not get in it and knock it over. They had already broken one ornament so we wanted to protect the others. Since we were getting ready to get on the road, we decided just to pick up the artificial tree and carry it. OK, maybe not the best plan in the world... I forgot the tree skirt, so as I lifted the tree, the cord stuck on the tree skirt, the tree came apart in the middle, another ornament fell off and clunked off a Santa figure and broke, making more of a mess. After that (and a little grumbling on my part), we did manage to get the tree in the closet and put back together. Of course, I kind of forgot the tree was in the closet when we came home last night, opened the closet door to put some clean clothes away, and was confronted by Christmas. Now the tree is about to come back out in preparation for the parents' visit.


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