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Friday, November 19, 2004

Weekly update

I had quite a busy week this week. So much going on busy-wise, bust not really feeling like I did anything.

Jeni and I went to a seminar on Lasik/PRK corrective eye surgery. Jeni is about sick of wearing her glasses and she can't wear contacts, so she'd really like the eye surgery. My prescription is so far off (-9) that I'm not a candidate for Lasik or PRK. They would have to surgically implant a lens onto my eye for about $3000 an eye, so I'm going to stick to my disposable contacts instead.

I had found a free Reach Access flosser ad online somewhere and ordered one. Whay they hey? It came this week. sadly, Jeni and I are actually excited about it. That's life in our thirties, I guess.

We have a new Target store ... it's not a SuperTarget like in Davenport, but it's larger than a standard Target store (expanded grocery section without meat or produce) and we finally got a Panera Bread (in the same parking lot as Target ... talk about your win-win).

I saw fabric gift bags at Earth Fare the other day that have tracking numbers like a Geocaching Travel Bug so you can see where your gift bag has gone. Fun idea. I forget the web address, though.

I heard this mathematician on NPR who had given up math/science to become a professional origami artist. He has a book on origami that is more conceptual than instructional, so you can learn not just how to make something, but how to create your own.

Ok... enough rambling. I downloaded the new Firefox 1.0 at work and have been playing with it. Yes, I download software to my work computer first before bringing into the home.


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