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Thursday, November 11, 2004

School zone

I pass through three school zones on my way to work every day. There is one particular school zone that is hairy for me. I merge from one road to another as I enter the school zone, and since I am checking my blind spot as I do this, I usually miss the sign over the road denoting my entry into the school zone. To make it worse, there is a bridge before the sign, so while I sit at the stop light I do not see the sign either. Every once in a while, a police officer will sit in the middle lane running radar. While I believe it is important to patrol and protect our schools, at this particular location I have never seen a child walking along the road, nor have I seen a crossing guard for children, so it is silly to have such a lowered speed limit.

But last week I saw an elderly lady in a late-80s station wagon pulled over getting a ticket. This woman on a fixed income does not deserve a ticket for this violation. Unless she was doing 55+ in what is regularly a 40 (25 in school zone), she should have gotten a warning (and I would hope the officer would have enough soul to give her one). It just disturbs me.


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