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Monday, November 01, 2004


Our friend Chris came to visit. It was great to see him and catch up. We went to the UT/South Carolina football game Saturday. Even though UT was kicking butt midway through the game, I was disappointed to see the "South Carolina faithful" leaving in droves. Their team was playing hard. It's a shame to see the fans not supporting them, even in a losing effort. I've been through those same spells as a Saints fan and watching UT struggle with Florida and Alabama, and I understand how frystrating it is, but you have to stick by your team and find the small victories within the losses.

Chris stayed through the weekend, then had a bit of a booty call and left for home before his whirlwind tour of America continued. He was in Boston for the end of the World Series (even though the Red Sox won it in St. Louis, he wanted to be in the city when they won), then drove from Boston to New York to Knoxville to Columbia from Thursday to Saturday morning. Left here Monday to go back to Knoxville before heading up to Michigan for a Michigan State football game. If I was Coming back from Iraq, I guess I'd do the same thing ... soak it all in.


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