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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What-er mess

After my shower this morning, I walked into the kitchen and noticed two small puddles of water between the pantry and the range. I dried them up, shrugging them off as maybe Jasper knocking something over, even though there was no evidence (ice cubes, maybe). But then a minute later, I happen to look in front of the fridge and there was a sizeable puddle, stretching about three feet across from the front of the fridge to the laundry room where the water heater is. At first, my thought was that the water heater had leaked during my shower. But then I listened and heard a washing machine running. So after drying up my water, and sloshing across my wet carpet (yes, it had seeped to about five feet of carpet), I walked to my next-door neighbor's to let them know. Well, both adults are hearing-impaired, which affects nothing in my story except that he relayed that they have no washer and that their carpet is wet too, all through pantomime. So then I went upstairs and found my culprit. There was also water along the breezeway outside the apartment, and my upstairs neighbor commented that his wife had said, "I wonder where all this water is coming from?"

So maintenance came and they have a blower drying out the carpet and did a good job cleaning up, but what a way to start your day!


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