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Monday, October 18, 2004

Laughing at the cat's expense

We have a soft cooler that we keep in the car in case we go to the grocery store and it's hot outside and we buy frozen stuff. It's nice to have something that will help our cool stuff keep if we have to make a stop. But it came inside after our last shopping trip and Jasper has been hanging out in it. He fills it perfectly. Well, the other night he came tearing into the kitchen and dove into the cooler and it flipped over on top of him and he wandered into the dining room with this cooler upside down on top of him and he was zig-zagging like the tiny droid in Star Wars that Chewbacca roars at. I laughed for a second, then felt bad for him because I knew he was scared and confused. But I do wish I had it on tape!


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