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Sunday, August 22, 2004

The swimming is over....

The swimming competition is over. It has been such an awesome week for USA swimming. I have been so overwhelmed with emotion watching the events. I really want to gather my final thoughts before I write a long entry.

Just a couple of high points, at least for me--
1. Gary Hall, Jr winning the Men's 50m freestyle -- they said he was too old, we all know he isn't.
2. Michael Phelps -- no explanation needed.
3. Jenny Thompson -- I know some will say she didn't deserve to be in the 4x100m Medley, I totally disagree. She went out and fought the good fight...Good job Jenny.
4. Klete Keller going stroke for stroke with the Ian Thorpe - WOW!
5. Natalie Coughlin and Amanda Beard -- I can't wait to see them in four years.
6. Last but not least...Lenny Krazelburg swimming in the prelims of the 4x200m Medley---I can't say it enough, he is a class act. So many fans will miss him in Beijing......


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