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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jasper cat

We laughed about creating a blog about our cat's adventures, but decided against it, since it would mostly say "Jasper slept in the sink," "Jasper slept on the plant stand," "Jasper slept on top of the bookshelf" ... you get the point. But he has his hilarious moments. Last night, in one of Jeni's bouts of sleeplessness, he carried one of his erd balls to her in his mouth, dropped it at her feet in the most dog-like manner of saying let's play, and proceeded to play ball with Jeni for several minutes. This evening, he approached a stone cat that we have and batted it with his paw. He has never really even acknowledged this cat before, but he did put it in its place. Now, he is perusing the counter/bar in the kitchen, and considering a leap to the top of the fridge.


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