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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

2004 Olympics
Athens, Greece

As it has been mentioned before I am an Olympics freak. I try and watch all the events. I have my DVR and VCR recording constantly. During the winter Olympics, I had stacks of tapes to watch. It took me some time to watch all of them, but I did it. I have been trying to watch as much of these Olympics as it airs, but sometimes you have to sleep.

I know everyone has been talking about Michael Phelps, but who can blame them. Michael Phelps is a phenomenal athlete and an impressive young man. To only be 19 year old and to have such a work ethic and concept of success, is truly incredible. If you didn't get a chance to watch the men's 4x200m relay tonight, you missed one of the best swimming competitions ever. Michael is sitting pretty with 3 golds and 2 bronzes. I can't to wait watch him in four years -- He's only going to get better. WOW! (For his bio and event results)

However, one of favorite Olympian is Lenny Krayzelburg. My admiration for him start back at the 2000 Olympics where he won 3 gold metals. It wasn't the point that he won 3 gold metals, it was that he was gracious when he won. And when received his metals and stood on the podium, I cried because you could just see how proud he was to win and to represent America. When he qualified at the Olympic trials, I was so excited that he was going to represent the USA again. He has overcome some much to be back at the Olympics -- 2 shoulder surgeries and 1 knee surgery. He is a true Olympian to me.

There are more athletes that I want to talk about, but that will have to be tomorrow.


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