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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kelli's new car

Our friend Kelli just bought her dad's old car. It's a Lincoln ... an "old person's car," as she puts it. But coming from what she had, it is leaps and bounds. Her old car was this small, blue Buick that seemed to need a new muffler every year; at one point the hood and fender was held down by packaging tape; a shoe from a wedding was in the rear window for the past two years; the turn signal, to make it blink, she would have to manually up-and-down the lever; I could go on and on and on. So this new car, with lumbar support, blinkers that work (they even have the light that shines in the direction that you are turning to light your turn ... quite a thrill for Kelli), and a 10-disc changer that her dad never knew how to work and thus has never been used. She calls giddy every day with some new discovery about this car. We are very happy for her. Now, people are in a bidding war for her old piece of car (not hard to start a bidding war when you start around $100).


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