serendipitous reflections

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The cost of society

There was a thought weighing on me today as I toil away at work. Thoughts of financial burdens are occupying my mind in the downtime -- not just my own, but the financial stress many are facing right now. 

You work hard, sacrifice your time, your skills, your physical health, all for your job so you can earn a wage and afford the perks of life and society. For some, that's a home, food, and a phone. For others, it may be travel, a reliable car, or a night out every now and then. 

We like to think that there is a symbiotic relationship with our job -- we work hard so the business is successful and, in return, we get a good wage. But we are all becoming more aware that our jobs are devouring us, feeding us just enough to keep us here, but not enough for us to grow and be able to do more. We're like the cattle on the farm. They think the farmer is feeding them because he cares about them. But he's really feeding them to bulk them up so the cows are worth more at the market. Sure, our jobs might do little things to make us feel appreciated. But at the end of the day, we are just cattle to them. 

It's just like stores like Wal-Mart. Their product isn't what they are selling. The customer is the product. The inventory they are selling is just the bait to attract you in. But at the end of the day, the product they are generating are customers, and ultimately, your money. 

It is draining to our soul when you realize that everything out there, almost every interaction you have, is someone trying to figure out how they can benefit from a piece of you. It might be a piece of your time, or your talent, or your wallet. But more and more it feels like everything is picking away, like carrion picking at road kill.