serendipitous reflections

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Busy June

This past June was incredibly busy. Jeni's theatre produced the children's version of Disney's Frozen Jr. It was a great show, but it is a marathon weekend of eight shows running from June 13-16. As good as the show is, and I felt this was a very good show, come that eighth show in four days you are ready to take a break.

On the 17th, we loaded up and trekked up to Cincinnati. Dad was having a Whipple procedure done on June 18 to remove a tumor that was found on his pancreas. Fortunately it was not an aggressive tumor, but still one that needed to be removed. The procedure involved removing part of the pancreas, the gall bladder, the bile duct, and the duodenum. The surgery went well, although it was longer than anticipated. They had originally told us it would be six to eight hours but he was under 12-and-a-half hours while they continued to remove and check the pancreatic tissue. The surgeon eventually removed two-thirds of his pancreas, but was happy that he could leave the last bit of it because some is better than none. I stayed with my Dad in the hospital the first few nights, and once he was doing well we felt good about returning home that Saturday.

The following Tuesday my sister was in a car wreck. Her Toyota Sienna handled the accident so well, absorbing the force how you would want it too, but it was totaled.

I think it was the next day that we got the news that my 101-year-old grandmother was hospitalized because she was spitting up blood. It was an upper GI bleed that was handled and resolved over a few days, but at her age there is nothing minor.

And our friend Tiffany's step-mother passed away in the midst of all of this too. And a friend of my brother's from college.

We reached the point where we stopped asking what else could happen because we didn't want to find out. Once June ended things turned, and we had our scheduled annual Lakecation with our friends at Lake Oconee in Georgia. That four-day weekend was a much-needed respite from the real world.

In the grand scheme of things, everyone is doing well, Dad is recovering better than anticipated, Kelly and Liam made it through the accident with little trauma, Tiff's step-mother got a month longer than we had actually expected, Nanny has recovered. But those two weeks had us walking on eggshells.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Useful DHEC food tips

This is good information for food tips from DHEC. I'm dropping the link here so I can find it later.