serendipitous reflections

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Jeni and I got a gift certificate for The Grommet at Christmas. We ordered three items, but I think my favorite is the Packbasket from ADK Packworks (http://www.adkpackworks.com). We use it every time we go to the farmer's market. It is so versatile and sturdy. I think we may need to get a few more. I like using a reusable bag, but I often forget to get them back in the car. This one is the exception -- it always goes right back into the car so it is ready to go. 

Our other purchases from The Grommet were a backpack that rolls up to a tiny size and a cool beach blanket from parachute material with pockets to catch the sand and anchor it down. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dungeon adventures

I don't post on the blog that often anymore, but it does serve as a place for me to drop an occasional link of something remarkable that I don't want to lose in the shuffle and flow of Facebook or Twitter. This site featuring dungeon diagrams for gaming is one of those gems. His artwork is fantastic and inspiring, resembling Charles Vess. It really makes me want to grab a sketchbook and see what I can do. Check it out here: http://blog.trilemma.com/search/label/adventure.