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Thursday, September 20, 2012

xkcd: Click and Drag

I read xkcd every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as part of my morning routine. Last Wednesday he had his Click and Drag comic. This was an amazingly poignant and inventive comic where you could actually click and drag the bottom panel to see more of the image. And boy was there a lot of image! After quite some time of my day, I was pretty sure I had seen it all. My sister Kelly confirmed this by linking to a complete zoomable image of the bottom panel. I considered trying to do this myself, so I'm thankful someone more tech savvy did it first.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meeting Neil Gaiman

Tomorrow begins the official birthday celebrating. My actual birthday isn't until the 21st, but tomorrow I get to go to a reading event with a group of authors, including the remarkable Neil Gaiman. It's not a "Neil Gaiman" event exactly, he's not a headliner per se, but more a member of the troupe. That being said, he's certainly the reason I'm there. The amazing thing is that there were only about 155 tickets available. Jeni was amazing and made sure I got a pair. Unfortunately, it is also opening night for Legally Blonde, the Musical over at Workshop Theatre, so Jeni will be involved in that and can't come. So I have a friend I'm "dragging" along because he's never heard of Neil Gaiman (::gasp:: -- I know!).

This is a very grassroots event, and we'll be hosting two of the writers/performers at our house Friday night. (No, not Neil...) This is their attempt to keep costs down. But I'm hoping for a picture with Neil Gaiman, or a "thanks for coming, nice to meet you."

I'm very excited. Next week will be my actual birthday. Then the following week I won tickets to a concert (NeedtoBreathe and Parachute) and then in early October Jeni and I are going skydiving! Ok 40, let the fun begin...