serendipitous reflections

Monday, March 26, 2012

A month?!? Really?

Seriously, I can't believe a month has passed since my last post. It's not like I haven't mentally created posts, they just haven't made it to the blog. Sometimes I write them in my head to vent, then let them go. Cathartic, really. I don't want every post to turn into a rant, so sometimes it's just best to stay away from the blog instead.

We're in the middle of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof over at Workshop. I'm running sound, which is always fun. Like I say, I enjoy the show so much I come every night. I'm actually going to have a tiny bit role in the next show... essentially a walk-on with a few lines. But who else would be willing to show up every night to be on stage for little more than a minute? It'll be fun.

Jeni and I are just under the six-month mark for our sky dive deadline. We each bought a Living Social voucher for sky diving with the intention of doing it for my 40th birthday. We will probably take the "dive" this summer, though. We are very excited.

I keep saying that I'm going to be better about updating the blog. I really need to be. I need to get it set up so I can do it from my phone ... that would be much easier. In the meantime, I'll just keep trying to be better.