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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost goodbye 2010

2010 come in, rushed by, and is almost gone. As years go, it wasn't the best, I'll be honest. There were highlights, sure, but I won't miss 2010. It certainly puts a lot of pressure on 2011 to be a lot better. I have high expectations, 2011 -- I hope you're paying attention!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Dr. Horrible

I'm not sure if I've linked to this, but I'm doing it again. "With my freeze ray I will stop the world!" I love Dr. Horrible!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some pictures recovered

I accidentally deleted some pictures off of the camera's memory card. I'm not really sure how it happened. I was copying some pictures over to the laptop, and when I was done I wanted to delete just the pictures I had selected. Instead, all the pictures were gone, including the one of Jeni, Nanny and me from Thanksgiving -- the only picture of Jeni and Nanny. Well, thanks to the directions of a friend, I went to http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/system/fwdatarecovery.html and used Recuva. I was able to get back many of the pictures I lost. Unfortunately, I did not get the picture of Jeni and Nanny back. I guess we'll have to make another trip back to Richmond.


It's beginning to feel like Christmas

Brr. It is cold here, and I don't say that often about South Carolina. But it is real cold -- whipping wind chilling you to the bone cold. I'm still sticking to the mid-weight coat.

The tree in the family room is up with most of the decorations on it. There are still more to come, just haven't had the time to get them on. Plus there's the smaller tree that goes in the foyer so people from the road can see we have Christmas spirit.

A good chunk of the shopping is done -- unwrapped still, but done. One more gift for the Dougs and that can go out in the mail. I just can't believe there's just one more weekend before Christmas. And it is chock-full, too. Fortunately I'm off next week. It looks like we'll be hanging out at home this year. Maybe we'll get caught up on things around the house. That's the plan, at least.

Last weekend we went to see the Nutcracker with Lisa and Gracie. It was so fun. This is the second year taking Gracie. She's 6 1/2 now, which is a great age for the Nutcracker. To make it more fun, our friend Alexis is one of the ballerinas so throughout the show Gracie kept whispering to Jeni, "Where's Alexis?" After the show Alexis met us in the lobby and Gracie got her autograph and her picture taken with her. Very cute. Gracie then went and got autographs from a bunch of the other dancers but no pictures with the boys, "Not the boys Mom!"

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's Christmas Time

Christmas is coming very quickly. Our schedule has kept us running in different directions so we have yet to put up our Christmas tree. But it is going up this weekend. My excuse right now is that the cable guy is coming on Friday to figure out why we're not getting a high definition signal to our TV in the family room and the tree would just be in the way.I think the signal strength is low, which was an issue with this room when we had Time Warner, too.

We finally have bedroom furniture on its way. We bought a king size mattress a while ago but have had just the hardest time finding furniture that we liked, that fit the space, or that we were willing to pay for. (Really liked a bedroom set at Crate & Barrel -- didn't like the price.) But we got one that we had looked at several times before, and it will be here Friday (hopefully not at the same time that the cable guy is here). Our bedroom is pretty much bare now as we moved most everything out. We'll finish tonight so when the furniture comes in they can get it put together and in place quickly and easily. It'll be nice to have everything matching and looking right.

The furniture also came with an LG flat screen TV, so we'll have all flat screen TVs now. Hooray for no more bulky, heavy TVs. Now we just need to get those old sets out of the house.

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