serendipitous reflections

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Month in review

I can't believe the last update was March 1! (How many blog posts have started that way lately...) I've kind of gotten away from the blog lately. The quick updates on Facebook have been too easy, and the thought-out posts to the blog have been harder to come across. We've been extremely busy. The theatre is very selfish with Jeni's time, and we both struggled with some illness the last two months, which is so unlike us. Happily, we're both on the mend. We've started walking in the evening again, which makes me very happy. We've done the neighborhood lap the last two nights and I just feel so much better having walked a little. It's nice to have that 30 minutes of walking time that is nice and relaxing and away from the noise and errands and chores. We'll be walking in a 5K with Nikki and Co. in Atlanta in May for an MS Walk event. There's more I want to write, but it'll have to wait because it's in my mind, but not flowing to the keyboard right now. But I felt the need to type something. Sometimes it just starts with typing...


Monday, March 01, 2010

Funny comic

This one is just too funny...