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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Axe Cop

I just may have a new favorite super hero -- Axe Cop! The stories are from the mind of a five-year-old and put together and illustrated by his 30-year-old big brother/comic book artist.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hello 2010!

How on Earth did I make it through an entire month without any kind of blog post?!? Not even some obscure link -- nothing! It's not because nothing was happening in my life. On the contrary, it was because there was just too much going on. We just never stopped at all in December. I think we were getting home after 9:00 and sometimes after 10:00 every night up until Christmas.

I need to upload some Christmas pictures, because we had a very nice Christmas this year. We spent Christmas night with Lisa, Brian, Gracie and Clara Ann helping them get ready for Santa to come. And then Christmas morning with two little ones was so much fun. There's just no beating the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning.

And then after Christmas we went to Gatlinburg for a visit with my family. We had to take the detour around the rock slide on I-40 (taking 25/70) and it felt a little easier than 40, actually. And it was so nice to see the Dougs, and of course Mom, Dad, Kelly and Sassy. And there are some good pics from that trip too, hanging out on Facebook, but not on Flickr yet. But they will be up soon-ish.

We welcomed in the new year with Tiffany, Tish, Susan and Judy, with a calm night and a disappointing football game. We actually missed the ball drop while we tried to watch some goofball do an anticlimatic stunt car just that ran long. Oops.

Jeni and I both got QLink pendants and started wearing them on New Year's Eve. This is without a doubt the most "new age" thing I've ever tried, but I have to say that I am encouraged by the promise of the QLink, and intrigued by some of the subtle changes I've noticed so far. So we'll see. I know people who swear by the QLink, and it can only help to wear it. I'll report back.

It would be a boring post with no pictures at all, and for those of you who just skim and look at pictures, here you go. These are the master bedroom curtain Mom made for us (thanks Mom!).
New curtains in master bedroom, and Maggie

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