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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A while since updating

I can't believe I've gone so long without a post over here. I've been playing more with Facebook, which I think is a nice way to reach people who won't hunt down the blog, or visit it regularly. Plus there are games and distractions that create a feeling of community. I've pittered on Twitter some. I find Twitter a fine place to follow other people, but not a good means to communicate. There are times someone will post something that I want to reply to, but it all seems to get lost in the Tweets, and there's no thread for the conversation. It leaves me feeling like I'm in the middle of a large room, and everyone's talking at once, but no one is actually talking to each other -- just talking. Which is fine if you want to hear what someone is saying, but not so good if you want to have a discussion. Both have served as a distraction from blogging, especially entries longer than two sentences.

Group shot outside Conch Cafe
We've had a few trips to the beach with Lisa and Brian and the girls, which we really enjoyed and appreciated that we could go.

High school reunion
And a big time was had by all at the Cheap Trick/Poison/Def Leppard concert. We should have sneaked our camera in, I doubt anyone would have really cared, but we follow rules, and have no concert shots. But trust us, it was a blast.

Jeni's dad has been doing better. We're planning on making it up to the family reunion, and I think my parents may come down too. (I wonder if they could bring Lu Lu's?)

The next big event for us is the roller derby this weekend! We're ready to watch the QuadSquad in action.

I guess that's about it ... our August recap from the slacking blogger. Next post will come sooner, I promise.

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